How Justin Bieber Landed the Cover of Forbes Magazine

Is it because he seduced the entire female population with his perfect hair swoop? Or because he has more musical talent than Elvis Presley?

Although Bieber does have great hair and immense musical talent at such an early age, forbes he owes the majority of his success to the Internet. In his article in Forbes magazine, he comments, “Social media helped launch my career. Without the Internet and without YouTube, I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to put my music out there and have people hear it.”

Bieber went from being a no-name, dani-info typical teenage jock living in subsidized housing to a worldwide phenomenon in just three years upon being discovered online. So why does Justin Beiber get all the fame and attention while business persons in the industry for years are struggling to get their new products off the ground and in the hands of their customers?

Why is it that Justin Bieber has more apkdnews Facebook fans than Barack Obama and Mitt Romney put together and how on earth did he manage to get 21 million followers on Twitter?

Justin Beiber had a story to tell, simplyrobo a story that went viral on YouTube at a time when social media was on the brink of takeoff. Lucky for him, his timing was impeccable. It’s all about grabbing attention from your audience when they are actively awaiting your arrival. It’s about knowing the consumer behavior of your target audience: who they are, what they do on their free time, when they like to take time off, where they work, why they believe what they believe, how old they are, etc.

Advertising is a tricky thing, and it takes a bit of trial and error before you get it right. Justin Bieber is an outlier and an extreme exception to the rule. While it is highly unlikely that you will follow in his footsteps and become an overnight sensation, you must never underestimate the power of advertising.

If you have a unique story to tell, wealth it’s all about exploring different avenues and media platforms to get your message on the map and in front of the right people at the right time. However, success in the marketplace is dependent on creating an undiscovered need and crafting a fresh, new, differentiated message to stimulate demand for that certain product or service.


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