Why Your Kitchen Needs A Copper Hood Vent

Our homes are a place of comfort, creation and family and should reflect our personalities – much like the clothes we wear. Of course, they also need to be functional; this can prove most challenging when it comes to the kitchen, which is often the epicentre of the house.

In modern homes, hoodpay kitchens are no longer just used for cooking. They can be a social place, a place for study or homework, and a place to catch up with members of the family after a hard day at work. So, if you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, you’ll want to feel like it’s a beautiful place that speaks to your style.

But, unless you’re a designer, it’s often hard to see where you’re going wrong when it comes to the design in this focal room. Especially if the room you’d envisioned is technically finished, but still doesn’t feel quite right.

Many rooms will have stand-out features such as chimneys and fireplaces that make them easy to style. As anyone who owns one of these in their home will know, once you have a statement piece to draw the eye, the other elements of the room can be adjusted to blend or contrast as you see fit.

But in a kitchen,practicality often wins over beauty, instafinanz and it can seem impossible to create a feature which embodies both. Perhaps you decided to opt for an all-white, minimalist kitchen, but now you feel like it needs an accent piece.Or maybe your bold colours and patterns are popping, but you still feel there should be something to pull it all together.

If you spend a lot of time frowning at your kitchen interior, wondering why it doesn’t look quite complete, a statement hood piece over your cooker could be what you’re missing.

Extraction fans can spoil the look of a beautifully designed kitchen. Not only that, but some can emit nasty smells or intrusive noises, spoiling the overall atmosphere of the room, so it pays to invest in a good system.

Like anything that has the potential to be an eye-sore, goalkicksoccer it makes sense to turn your extraction system into something beautiful. Extraction hoods do just that, but can add so much more to a kitchen than just a necessary cover-up. With all kinds of materials, colours and styles available, the opportunities are endless.

Currently, copper is the most fashionable material for hood vents. Ranging from soft-hammered to hard-hammered, and with a variety of rivets and straps to complete the look, whatever the style of your kitchen, you won’t go far wrong with such a versatile material.

Copper adds beauty to a kitchen, promoting class and style. It’s an easy material to wipe clean, whilst being strong and durable, so it is the perfect material for an extraction system. Plus, smaller-homes there is just something about the lustre of copper as a feature that seems to embody a timeless elegance.

Extraction hood vents have become incredibly fashionable, too. Everybody needs one to absorb those cooking smells and prevent the kitchen overheating, but more and more people are choosing to make them into a unique feature that truly defines their home. From large, bold statement vents, to intricately engraved and more delicate designs, there’s no denying that copper hood vents are in.


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