Link Popularity – Step by Step Guide to Attracting Inbound Links Through Google News, Part 2

As an Internet marketer one of the main issues you need to pay attention to is Link popularity and following step-by-step guides were methods to attract inbound links. accounting One of the main sites I use to get high-value links is through Google News. If your site is not already submitting content all you have to do is recommend your own site and material to be published.

From the front page of Google News, scroll to the bottom and click on the tab for “About Google News”, then click on the link for recommending a site.

If one of your marketing methods is submitting online keyword optimized press releases, this is one of the best forms of material you can submit to Google News. If you have vpxco not done this yet you can go to one of the many online press release directories and write one for free. You can usually set up an account and write your press release within 15 minutes. Writing and submitting optimized press releases is one of the most powerful marketing methods you can use online because of the targeted nature of the content. It is also material that usually is Link to many other high-value and page ranked sites giving you more link popularity. When you are done go back to the Google News website.

Okay. If we use the site search command, and enter the website name for the press release directory and search for all pages within Google News that are outside. More than likely if it is one of the top directories you will see several thousand page results in the last 30 days. So that means, just optoki looking through these results that press releases submitted online to your highly ranked press release directory also appear in Google News.

So that may send you, just submitting a press release that way, you may get even more traffic through Google News, and potentially as I mentioned, if you get publicity from it and other people may view it as well, for example reporters looking for stories they link to it providing you with more link popularity and inbound links. Better yet, reporters may contact you for newsheater an interview.

If you are out to attract prospective customers and develop your online presence and exposure, you owe it to yourself and the financial future of your business to learn everything you can about Internet marketing.

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