Golf Club Clones – Are They Value For Money?

It is often witnessed in almost every industry that as soon as a product starts gaining wide acceptance in the market, numerous clones crop up to diminish the manufacturers sales. In the golf world too, there are plenty of golf club clones available. However, unlike other industries, such clones are absolutely legal and normally adopt the popular manufacturers production methods to offer the same quality at a far better price.

While the performance of such clones may not equal the originals all the way, they do ensure that you get a quality product good enough for your money’s worth.

You must be extremely cautious as there are some illegal counterfeit clubs also doing the rounds in the market, making it very essential to learn to differentiate the legal ones.

These fake club clones are usually produced to deceive the customers into thinking that they are buying the genuine clones. Following are some important tips you must keep in mind to help you distinguish an illegal clone from a legal golf club clone:

The Original Clones

The original gold club clones are like any of their counterparts in other industries. They are merely adaptation of a time tested and quality product of a popular manufacturer. Just like the small vehicle manufacturers take inspiration from the designs of premier producers like Mercedes, BMW etc., the small golf manufacturers implement the designs and techniques of high-end manufacturers to produce cost-effective golf club clones for the common man.

When you buy a legal golf club clone all that you are missing is the brand name and maybe the guarantee offered by the big companies. Most often, the quality of the golf club clone is as good as the original version and sometimes even better. The major difference is only the price factor. For more details please visit these sites:-

The Illegal Clones

While the legal golf club clones are made with original manufacturers permission, the illegal ones just rip off the genuine clubs copyrights and patents. This amounts to stealing and most of the times the duplicate version produced is just a dummy used to con the innocent buyers.

The original clone manufacturers are very honest in their dealings and present themselves as nothing but small time players trying to offer you value for your money. On the contrary, the illegal manufacturers will try their best to make you believe that they are the original copyright holders. A popular example of such duplicates is the ‘King Snake’ which was a rip off of Cobra’s King Cobra.

At the outset, you may feel very impulsive and tempted to buy such fake clones as they look great and are cheap too. However, you must be aware that these are very inferior quality items and are produced just to rip you off your hard earned money.

Due to such fake clones, even the genuine golf club clones have started losing their market share. However, if you possess good eye for details, you will always be able to make out the difference between the fakes and the originals. Please bear in mind that the original golf club clones use the same raw materials, parts and technology that is used in the top brand production. It is just that since they don’t enjoy the same market positioning as the popular brands, they have to sell their products at discounted prices.


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