Where to Find Second Life News?

For any frequent player of Second Life, news and information is interesting stuff. In as much as the television news bulletin might make up a regular part of a breakfast routine for most people, for Second Life residents and hardcore players, just as much a part of the daily routine is finding out what’s happening in the metavarse.

Reuters entered Second Life in the early days of 2007, setting up a new office in world and creating a dedicated page on the Reuters site for SL news. However, after posting no new news on the website from 2008, Reuters finally announced that they had closed their office in March 2009 this year. This was taken to signal the beginning of the end of SL for the rumour mongers. But in reality, it just meant that the news was no longer current or relevant enough. Since the departure of Reuters, Second Life has continued to grow. But as, what wa s arguably, the biggest SL news resource no longer exists, where can you go for up to date information? For more details please visit these sites:- crestreports.com

Well, one of the first places you’ll find news is the official Second Life blog, on the SL website. This deals with some corporate news as well as policy changes, Linden Lab events, staffing changes and so on. Of course, this news is released by Linden Lab and so, you could argue, is one sided.

My personal preferred source of information is a  list. If you search Second Life related blogs, you will find a huge array out there. With time, you’ll come to find several that you like particularly. Subscribing to the feeds on these blogs is a simple way of staying up to date with information released by writers you enjoy reading the work of.

An ever growing method of keeping on top of Second Life news is Twitter. There are an increasing number of Second Life residents posting news updates on their Twitter profiles. Finding and following these people gives you a frequent source of up to the minute information.

Google news is another source. Typing, ‘Second Life’ into Google and then going to the news tab will bring up a list of news stories with ‘Second Life’ in them. Of course, not all will be related to the virtual world, but most are. And as these are syndicated from a number of sources, they’re not all one sided and give a more general overview of what’s happening on the grid.

Second Life newspapers do exist, such as the Second Life Herald and the SL Enquirer to name but two. These are often online based and frequently updated.


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