Male Chest Reduction (Gynecomastia Treatment)

VASER Liposelection (Ultrasound assisted liposuction) has become the new LaserLipo (SmartLipo). It has revolutionized the liposuction industry and we are achieving much better results compared to traditional liposuction and Laser lipo.

VASER utilises ultrasound rather than Laser to liquefy the fat. There is less likelihood of blisters and burns. It is different to traditional liposuction in that the fat is liquefied before it is removed with a suction cannula. This allows us to perform the procedure under local anesthetic. You are awake and it means that the recovery time is shorter, more pleasant, bunnydirectories less bruising and results are fantastic. Lipo has moved on from Laser to VASER as we are getting much better results with this technique and the procedure is slightly shorter.

The author uses minimally invasive nipple incisions and arm-pit incisions which are very inconspicuous and heal very rapidly. Once the local anaesthetic has been infiltrated the fat and some of the glandular tissue is emulsified. The suction component then removes the liquefied fat. The results are instant. For more info please visit these sites:-

The small incisions are not stitched up, but merely closed with tiny butterfly plasters. A compression garment is worn for 2 weeks (24hours a day) to help minimise the swelling and assist in the healing process. Occasionally it is recommended to wear the garment for a further few weeks just at night. The longer you wear the garment the better the results.


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