Hilton Head Tennis Resorts – Tennis at Its Best

Tennis is one of the premiere sports on Hilton Head Island. There are more than 300 tennis courts on the island, normzplumbing both indoors and outdoors. Four of the island’s tennis resorts are ranked by Tennis Magazine in the nation’s Top 50. Some of the island’s tennis resorts are part of a greater resort area and others offer an all-in-one experience, including onsite lodging. If you want a great place not only to play tennis but also to improve your game, you owe it to yourself to visit one of the area’s fantastic tennis resorts.

One of the best Hilton Head tennis resorts is the Van der Meer Racquet Club, which is part of Shipyard Plantation. The resort offers 23 different tennis courts, including three indoor courts for those wanting to get out of the heat. This resort places a strong emphasis on improving your tennis skills, offering extensive structured drills and practice that take place over several days. For those not interested in committing to several days of practice, there are also single-day packages available. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced tennis player, the Van der Meer Racquet Club has a program for you.

Another nationally-ranked Hilton Head tennis resort is the Port Royal Racquet Club. This resort is a true all-in-one experience, with club guests able to stay onsite at its villas. The resort has 16 individual tennis courts and is known for its world-class, friendly service. The Port Royal Racquet Club is particularly expert at handling groups of almost any size, ranging from a few friends to large groups of 80. When the size of a group is too large to be accommodated at its villas, the resort will make arrangements for your group to stay at the Westin Resort, Tennis lesson Singapore a more traditional hotel located along the nearby beach. During the planning stages, the staff finds out the needs of the group and tailors each package according to those needs. Individual guests are not neglected either, being treated to the same high level of service and excellent practice drills, training, and court time. More than anything, the staff is accommodating, adjusting your schedule on the spot if you express a desire to work on a particular skill. Port Royal Racquet Club truly offers a full Hilton Head tennis resort experience.

Other tennis resorts that are nationally-ranked include the Rod Laver Tennis Center, located on the Palmetto Dunes Plantation; and the Sea Pines Racquet Club. The Sea Pines Racquet Club, tennis class Singapore located in Sea Pines Resort, is ranked as one of the top ten tennis resorts in the nation. More than that, for those looking to improve their tennis skills, their tennis instructional programs are second to none-literally. Tennis Magazine has ranked their tennis instruction as number one in the entire nation. Anyone looking to improve their tennis game owes it to themselves to visit one of the world-class Hilton Head tennis resorts, some of the best in the nation.


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