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It would be nice to live on the beach or in a warm locale with ample time in your day to lounge by the pool. However, this is not the reality for the vast majority of us. Minor distractions such as jobs and families prevent full time employment as a sun worshipper. Fortunately, the solution to this quandary was provided by Wolff tanning lamps. sokaworld

Many decades ago, scientist Friedrich Wolff discovered that UV light can be artificially created and had a similar effect on the skin as did the sun itself. In 1978, Dr. Wolff brought his technology to America thus becoming the world gold standard in tanning and has remained so ever since. kinmagazine

Skin tanning is caused by exposure to UV-A type rays. UV-A are the “good” rays producing a healthy looking, deep tan. UV-B rays, however, are not desirable. These “bad” rays cause sunburn and other ill effects. Wolff has been on the cutting edge of technology since its inception striving to reduce the emission of UV-B type rays from its lamps.

We all possess skin with different, unique characteristics. Tanning may not be appropriate for all skin types. It is important that the first research you do is whether tanning is right for you. There are many good resources for research. Those with specific concerns are best advised to consult with a qualified health care provider before initiating any tanning plan. businesschamp

Once you have decided that tanning is for you the next decision is to pick the right equipment. Today, there exists many different forms and styles of tanning beds and booths. The one thing most all of them have in common, however, is that they work best with Wolff lamps. Being the industry leader since its founding, Wolff provides a dizzying array of lamp selection. businesssalt

Wolff lamps are geared to both individual tanning bed owners as well as professional salon operators. Available in every wattage imaginable and compatible with almost all major manufacturer equipment, Wolff is the logical first step when shopping for your tanning lamp needs. Additionally, you get the comfort of doing business with the industry pioneer.

Today, of course, it is possible to compare availability and pricing for your particular Wolff lamp needs online. The Wolff company web site provides excellent lamp compatibility information along with detailed instructions. For those who prefer to shop the old fashioned way, there are many tanning supply wholesalers across the country. The Wolff site also has a comprehensive list of these locations. For more info please visit these sites:- https://mibabyshower.org/

Whether you are an at home tanner or the operator of a chain of tanning salons, you know that tanning results are only as good as the lamps you choose. Wolff tanning lamps are produced by the very inventor of the technology and present the most trusted solution, and their web site should be a first stop for anyone seeking to purchase a tanning lamp.


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