Pursuing a Degree in Office Support

Most companies cannot properly function without the aid of an administrative assistant. Administrative assistants perform a wide variety of tasks and share a vast array of responsibilities. An effective assistant is intelligent, consistently flexible, hard-working, well-organized and able to go above and beyond what is merely expected of him or her in his or her everyday assignments. Administrative assistants’ chores do not simply consist of answering phones, filing or typing. They must be able to aid the office workers with any miscellaneous projects or errands that need completed. drivingschoolintoronto

Administrative assistants must possess superb clerical and office skills. While all of an assistant’s abilities and talents are imperative, certain qualities are required more often than others, such as quick typing skills and effective spelling and grammar.

Administrative assistants are responsible for a variety of office jobs. While an assistant’s various tasks can vary from one company to another, his or her general responsibilities will most likely include:

  • Creating and sending communication material and correspondence – Administrative assistants may be asked to compose monthly or weekly newsletters, office announcement flyers and company magazines. They also perform the duties of writing, organizing, mailing and e-mailing correspondence. This is why it is crucial for administrative assistants to possess superior grammatical skills. Because the sending of literary or electronic communication can often occur in mass amounts, administrative assistants should be experienced with Office Suite, Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • Creating and editing documents, spreadsheets, reports and letters – The composition of reports and documents are vital to an office. Administrative assistants may have to undertake the responsibilities of monitoring spreadsheets, employee attendance, corporate reports, company expenditures and employee schedules.
  • Scheduling appointments and office meetings, answering phones and interacting with clients – Many smaller companies do not have a receptionist. In many office environments, the task of answering phones is given to the administrative assistant. These phone calls can cover topics like corporate information, client questions and company inquiries. A majority of administrative assistants are also responsible for scheduling office meetings, both with office employees and with external clients. This requires a person to possess precise organizational skills. temp-mail
  • Effectively running the office and maintaining organization – Efficient administrative assistants possess exceptional organization skills. They can successfully interact with clients, employees and office superiors. They are friendly, sociable, likable and get along well with others. They are often the gatekeepers for intra-office activities and external clients.


How can you begin your career as an administrative assistant? There are several different ways which you can advertise your office abilities. First, you must network. By letting your friends, co-workers and family members know that you are actively searching for a position as an assistant; you let others know that you are available for immediate hire.

Many people choose to begin working as an administrative assistant through a temp agency. This helps a person gain some experience in a corporate environment. While many people become discouraged at the idea of a temporary position, it can still be beneficial. If a position becomes available while you are completing a temp assignment, you will be the first to know.

The role of an administrative assistant is vital to the effective and smooth operations of an office setting. By obtaining a degree in office support, you can be on your way to a fulfilling career as an administrative assistant.


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