How to Grow Income From Zero to $50,000 Through Blogging

There has been some amazing diversity of opportunities opening up for the bloggers to make money from blogging. I have long been advocating for the fact that one must not put all the eggs in one basket – experiment with different advertising options and see the amazing results. You must apply these advertising options that bloggers are currently using to make money through blogs and grow from zero to $50,000/month. fusionblog


There are numerous ways of selling advertising space on a blog. I have listed some of the popular ones for your consideration.

Contextual Advertising – Bloggers, these days, are particularly excited about programs like AdSense and YPN (beta), as being the most common income streams. These programs scan the content of your blog to find what you are talking about and thus put contextually relevant ads (text and image) onto your blog. Its very simple to use them and just involve pasting some code into your blog’s templates. Payment is on a ‘per click’ basis. omegawriter

PPM (Pay Per Impression) – Impression based ads pay a small amount for all the people viewing the advertisement. The amount paid differs with the programs and is generally a fraction of a cent. You can try Fastclick (aff) and Tribal Fusion. But these programs require your having plenty of traffic on your blogs, if you want to earn a significant amount from these programs.

Blog Ads – These programs let the bloggers set their own rates for the ad placements; and can accept or reject advertisers applying to them to be featured on their blogs. So you enjoy the controls of how much to want to earn from the ads. Flip side is that if you price them too high, chances are you could never have any ads showing at all.

Text Ads – They too let you have control over which advertisers you accept and reject. AdBrite (aff) and Text Link Ads (aff) offer you control in a similar way to BlogAds in that you set your own prices and approve all ads. Both these systems have a pool of advertisers already thus reducing your having to look for your own advertisers. For more info please visit these sites :-

RSS Ads – RSS is increasingly becoming a more popular way of reading blogs. Resultant that the publishers and ad providers have been hunting ways to place ads in feeds. So try this system as well.


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