Surviving the Cold, Getting Ready For Spring

Brrrrr! I don’t know about you but I’m ready for spring! gaming marketing

I’m planning my garden and looking forward to seeing green shoots popping up everywhere; even if they are weeds!

I tried sitting outside in the sunshine today just for light therapy. I was wrapped up in so many layers I could hardly lift my arms! I lasted five minutes before I headed indoors.

I sit here in my office near my sunny window with my heater running full blast and I’m drinking hot tea. Still, I feel chilled to the bone as I reflect and contemplate.

I wonder how our frontier forefathers ever survived the cold weather. Many of them didn’t, of course, but of those who lived a long life (30 years was the average life expectancy when America was being settled) how did they stand the cold weather? gardenfrontier

Humans do whatever is necessary to survive.

My dad tells sad stories of his childhood. His family was very poor. They rented an old run-down house with flooring so broken they could see the chickens that were roosting under the house. That was sure to be drafty!

My grandmother tells me of her mother heating bricks in the fireplace, wrapping them in towels and putting them under the covers at the foot of her children’s bed at night. The siblings slept together to conserve body heat. inrealtor

My mother said she remembers having so many heavy homemade quilts on her bed she could hardly turn over or get our of bed to go to the outhouse!

I should never complain about being cold. I live in a nice, warm house with plenty to eat. I can cuddle in a soft store-bought blanket. furzly

I suppose it’s all about attitude and what we get used to.

My predecessors didn’t have the luxury of turning up the thermostat to raise the temperature in the house. They just made the best of it and enjoyed life.

And, so will I.

I choose to be thankful. I will “thank” about all the benefits and blessings I have.

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