‘Love and Other Drugs’ Review

Even though it used the same card – the love relationship between a healthy person and a really sick one, natraj packing jobs Love And Other Drugs knew how to focus in the first half on humor, on the natural beauty of the characters.

I actually loved the connection between the main characters; the actors Jake Gyllenhall and Anne Hathway identifying themselves very well with Jamie and Maggie, the real beauty of Anne’s nudity (they looked like a real couple, not carrying that there somewhere is a camera or hiding their bodies). What I also loved was the director’s idea (Edward Zwick) who made a big fun of the pharmaceuticals companies and their “fight” for promoting drugs through pens, free samples and a lot of “ass kissing.” cannabis blog

In this kind of competition goes Jamie, an extremely talented young man when it comes to persuasion, and he is working for a company named Pfizer. His job is to promote an antidepressant which is supposed to compete with the rival, Prozac, and to take it’s place. In this process, pestcontrolservices Jamie tries everything he knows (using his charm, flirting with the nurses, bribe to the doctors, even stealing from the competition’s shelf) and meanwhile, in full “work” process, he meets Maggie, a young 26 year old woman who suffers from Parkinson’s.

Between the two starts a relation based on sex and having fun but things start to change when Jamie falls in love with her. drug reviews

After the first part when the spectator watches Maggie’s nudity and he smiles, comes the second part where we can see a sentimental Jamie, a Jamie fallen in love with Maggie, a Maggie who doesn’t want him around her anymore because she knows she will take over his life and the “passion” will become “obligation.” ammodepot

Along the relationship between these two, the movie also presents the 1996 hysteria, concerning the launching of the Viagra (phenomena). The magnitude of this drug is not surprising, but what really is surprising is people using it even if they wouldn’t need it.

Love And Other Drugs reminds me of many other similar movies (A Walk to Remember, Sweet November, The Notebook) but it doesn’t look so disappointing as the others, meaning the trespass from fun and sex to drama and serious matters is really good. garden furniture

The characters evolve, from those who enjoy those 15 minutes of euphoria to those who are aware that life is more than that, even the opposite – a road paved with suffering. vipd3m

Love And Other Drugs is the kind of movie which succeeds to thrill you with it’s humor in the first part. The sexual romanticism is as good the humor but the fact that the beginning’s passion is getting lost somewhere in the middle makes the movie’s potential go really low.


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