How to Get My Personal Blog Noticed

1. Use a specialist blog host

Whereas normally I would recommend hosting a WordPress blog as the best way of getting a blog going, for certain personal blogs there are advantages in using a specialist host.

For example, with my own running blog, instead of hosting that myself I went to a community website that allows members to create blogs and set up the new blog there.

Why? Well because it is a community of runners all coming together to share hints and tips are bound to then read other blogs on the system. The same happens with the hosted version of WordPress – there is a community of people waiting to read what you have to say. personal blog

2. Participate on similar blogs

Have a look at some other similar personal blogs and see what they are writing about and what is generating comments. If you can contribute usefully to these conversations, then at the same time your comments will link back to your own blog. Some readers will notice what you have to say and be interested and then click the link to visit your website.

You can also have a look at what is generating comments and write some content on your own blog about the same subjects. It is likely that if one website is getting comments about a subject that yours might also get some search engine visitors if people are wanting to know more. elmbrookpsych

3. Guest post on other blogs

Write up some of your favourite or best posts as completely new posts and send them off to other blogs that invite guest posts. This will work the same way as commenting on other blogs – people seeing your guest post will decide to read more about what you have to say. So make sure that the posts you submit are your very best writing and extra specially interesting!

4. Mention other bloggers

If you mention other bogs in your own posts, maybe talking about one of their posts that you have found interesting, then it might be possible that if they monitor trackbacks to their blog that they will notice your link to them before you even ask for them to give you a name drop.

In this case, they might actually give you a mention, flattered that you took an interest and wanting to show their readership how well they have been rated by another blog.

5. Ask other bloggers to mention you

And if they do not take the hint and mention you when you have mentioned them, just approach other bloggers directly and ask them to give you a mention. Tell them where you have talked about them and see if they will give you a mention back.

All of the ideas work along the same theme – you are trying to get your blog noticed by getting mentions on other websites that show you off to your best. Easy to do and entirely free.


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