Medical Transcription Outsourcing – Providing the Right Kind of Support

Medical transcription has always played an important role in the healthcare process by creating patient records. Patient records are essential to the smooth running of healthcare facilities, aiding in both the operational and commercial aspects. These services aid in the operational aspects by providing healthcare professionals a longitudinal record of the patient’s health history and aid in the commercial aspects by providing the base for coding and billing. Though the process of patient medical records creation is an integral contributor to the smooth running of healthcare it is not part of the core competence of the healthcare facility.

One easy fix to ensure that quality patient records are created on time in a cost effective manner without having dilute the focus of the healthcare facility is to outsource medical transcription to a professional transcription vendor Outsourcing provides hospitals/ clinics and healthcare professionals seamless services which benefits them in the following: Imedical Healthcare Solutions

Cost: One of the main benefits of availing services from an outside entity is that of the enormous savings on cost of transcription. Doing this basically converts the fixed costs incurred by the hospitals/ clinics on creating patient medical records into variable costs. This ensures that hospitals/ clinics end up paying only to the extent they have used these services. This automatically reduces the cost burden of the healthcare facilities. Another major saving is the reduction in the actual cost per line of transcription. The economies of scale, the superior training methods used, the technology used and the best practices established by the service provider reduce the cost per line and this benefits the healthcare facility by helping them save substantially on costs.

Convenience: Availing these services from an outside entity is a very convenient solution for hospitals/ clinics seeking to create timely and accurate patient records without affecting the efficient running of their operations. Some of the convenient solutions offered by outsourced medical transcription service providers are:

1.Retaining current modes of dictation

2.Convenient, speedy, secure modes of document delivery

3.Easy to use technology with numerous benefits

4.Easy integration with EMR

5.Seamless transition to outsourced services without much change in the way the healthcare facility operates.

6.Transcription backup for varying volumes of medical transcription needs including holidays, weekend requirements.

7.Accurate transcription for any specialty

8.Saving on resources like real estate, capital investment, utilities, management and administrative staff etc.

9. HIPAA/ HITECH compliant services

Customized solutions: Availing these services from an experienced vendor ensures that the services are customized to suit the specific needs of the healthcare facility/ healthcare professionals. There are various factors that affect the scope of transcription services required. Factors like varied turnaround time requirements, reports in specific templates/formats, modes of document delivery, frequency of upload of dictation, integrating with the existing systems used by the healthcare facility, speech recognition transcription, the need for customer service backup and even the type of contract would be customized to suit the specific requirements of the hospitals/ clinics and healthcare professionals.


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